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agaan? welll, I think I did the simplest thing I could do user82, for what are you interested? for a ebay purchase...not "solved" yet cristian_c, eh cat /proc/cpuinfo younder, :) younder, I've read it younder, I'm interested in the architecture and features cpuinfo in pastebin is not interesting but ok that's fine, younder, I have no way of finding out about arm chips I don't want to paste the whole info *anything Well the arquitecture has been build into the kernel for a long time. younder, I want to know what is the difference between the processor and the features younder, the architecture does not tell me anything about features younder, that's why I'm looking at the info cristian_c, I want to know what are the differences between a NEON-enabled and a NEON-disabled chip cristian_c, no i meant 3.5" have a look at the ones that say "VFP support" for tablets...i mean cristian_c, the old version did not have NEON enabled, younder, I've read it already younder, I've seen it old version = 3.1 i will like to compare the performance

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